Exercise material can be used to condition any part of the body. Each band may be used independently or as part of a progressive rehabilitation program. The tubing is ideal for resistive exercise. Color coding enables the therapist to give the patient an easy, progressive resistance exercise program with band or tubing.

Can-Do Exercise Tube

Tubing is available in 100 foot hospital dispenser cartons. The tubing diameter increases as the resistance level increases. There are six color coded resistance levels:


Stock No. Color Resistance Level
5521-00 Yellow X-Light
5522-00 Red Light
5523-00 Green Medium
5524-00 Blue Heavy
5525-00 Black X-Heavy
5526-00 Silver XX-Heavy

Can-Do Foam Handles 5300-00

May be used with all of the above if desired. Sold as pair.




Can-Do Exercise Band

Can-Do is produced in low powder form in a five inch width. The dispenser boxes are color coded to represent the color of the band. Also available in a LATEX-FREE material. Dispenser boxes for latex-free Can-Do are half white and half color coded for instant identification. See ordering data below.


Low Powder Latex -Free Can-Do    
Stock No. Stock No. Colors Length Resistance Level
5010-00   Tan 6 Yard XX-Light
5011-00 5011-LF Yellow   X-Light
5012-00 5012-LF Red   Light
5013-00 5013-LF Green   Medium
5014-00 5014-LF Blue   Heavy
5015-00 5015-LF Black   X-Heavy
5016-00 5016-LF Silver   XX-Heavy
5017-00   Gold   XXX-Heavy
5020-00   Tan 50 Yard XX-Light
5021-00 5021-LF Yellow   X-Light
5022-00 5022-LF Red   Light
5023-00 5023-LF Green   Medium
5024-00 5024-LF Blue   Heavy
5025-00 5025-LF Black   X-Heavy
5026-00 5026-LF Silver   XX-Heavy
5027-00   Gold   XXX-Heavy

“The Cuff” Rehabilitation Weights

The heavy duty material is double-stitched throughout, color coded and marked with the weight, in pounds and kilograms. An extra long strap secures the cuff weight to ankle, wrist or thigh. A grommet facilitates hanging on any weight rack. Poly bagged and sold singly, not in pairs.


Stock No. Lb. Weight Color
0203-00 1 Blue
0204-00 1 1/2 Olive
0205-00 2 White
0207-00 3 Gold
0208-00 4 Turquoise
0209-00 5 Black
0210-00 6 Beige
0211-00 7 Lemon
0213-00 8 Red
0214-00 9 Parchment
0215-00 10 Brown

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