Flocked Nice ‘N Cold II™ Bag 1710

A totally re-designed ice bag with one flocked side to allow bag to be applied directly to body surface. The flocking material is designed to control sweating as well as eliminate ice burns. Also designed as a single patient item which may be re-used and sent home with the patient. Wide opening for ease in filling and vinyl backsplash to prevent leaking and wicking. A shoestring type tie is included with each bag to hold bag in place, if desired. Packaged 25 bags to a dispenser carton.


Hot ‘R Cold™ Bag 1711

Designed for single patient use to help prevent cross infection but may be reused many times by the patient. Constructed of heavy-gauge vinyl, thus avoiding the cracks and leaks that other lightweight, disposable bags have. Its wide mouth, fold-down, self-sealing top insures ease in filling and eliminates the “easy to lose” cap and the “too small to fill” opening. May be filled with hot water, ice cubes, crushed ice, or with a saline solution and then frozen. Damage to the bag may result if it is frozen when filled with pure water only. 1711 can easily and comfortably be attached to the patient, when required, in particular applications. Packaged 50 bags to a dispenser carton.


EYZE® Bag 1712

Constructed of heavy-gauge vinyl divided into two sections which can be filled independently of one another. Recommended for such applications as dental surgery or extractions, nasal surgery, to avoid pressure on reconstructed nasal bones, pediatric tonsillectomies, breast swelling after surgery or childbirth, and in prostate and genito-urological procedures to reduce scrotal swelling. An elastic band is provided with each bag to facilitate its attachment to the face or body. Packaged 50 bags to a dispenser carton.


Ice Bags 1750 Series

To compliment our line of hot and cold therapy items, these bags are designed as an economical approach to the rubber ice bags which generally are three to four times more expensive. They are a single patient use item. The materials used in construction are white flocked vinyl on the surface that touches the body, white taffeta embossed vinyl on the top portion with a Halkey-Roberts valve. The positive seal of the seams and valve provides a leak proof unit. The vinyls used can withstand a zero degree cold and can also be used with hot water for heat therapy uses. All bags are individually poly wrapped and packed 12 bags per carton.

Stock No. Description
1750 Straight Ice Bag 4” x 12”
1751 Curved Ice Bag 4” x 12”
1753 9 1/2” English Ice Bag
1754 Standard Ice Bag 8” x 13”



Black Reusable Cold Packs

Reusable non-toxic gel encased in a black polyurethane cover which can be easily cleaned. Cold Packs remain pliable even below freezing. Manufacturer suggests that most serviceable temperature is 12° F and that packs should not be chilled below 0°. Cold Packs may not be used as hot packs. To be used only as cold therapy. Always place towel between skin and chilled packs. Each pack individually boxed with instruction sheet.

Stock No. Description Size
4216-BK Half Size 6 1/2" x 11"
4218-BK Standard Size 13 1/2” x 10”
4282-BK Oversize 18 1/2” x 12 1/2”
4286-BK Neck Contour Pack 21" long


Relief Paks

Each pack filled with special gel that absorbs many times its own weight when immersed in hot water. Therapeutic heat for up to 30 min.


The Knee/Shoulder pack has a center opening to contour to the areas.

The covers are especially designed to work with the hot packs. The covers assure a uniform application by providing a porous buffer between the moist hot pack and the skin. All covers ending in “-00” are terry cloth with a foam filling to help prevent the treatment area from becoming overheated. These packs utilize hook & loop closures. The covers ending in “-AT” are made of terry only for laundering ease. The all terry covers are white. The oversize cover also fits Small Spine, Large Spine and Knee/Shoulder moist heat packs.

Stock No. Description Size Cover No. Size
5100-00 Standard Size 10” x 12” 5110-00 & AT Standard
5101-00 Small Spinal Size 10” x 18” 5114-00 & AT Oversize
5102-00 Neck Contour 24” Long 5112-00 & AT Oversize
5103-00 Large Spinal Size 10” x 24” 5114-00 & AT Oversize
5104-00  Oversize 15” x 24” 5114-00 & AT Oversize
5105-00 Knee/Shoulder 10” x 20” 5114-00 & AT Oversize


All TETRA 1731 chemical packs contain ingredients that are non-toxic and non-caustic, eliminating the possibility of patient injury and are designed for single patient use. The packs are still manufactured by hand so we can incorporate the water bag at the top for easy activation. Insulated sides make it possible to place product directly on the skin. Periodic re-shaking of TETRA’s INSTA-COLD® and INSTA-HOT® products will prolong the original cold/heat.

Tetra Insta-Cold 1731-00 and 1731-08

TETRA cold packs use Urea and Ammonium Chloride to achieve a more effective cold therapy session. The use of cold treatment or cryo therapy for injuries has been medically recognized as beneficial for years. The application of cold produces an anesthetic effect, relieving aches and pains. Tetra Insta-Cold is a convenient way to handle cold compress therapy. Non-toxic and non-caustic ingredients.



NEW Pack Design

Tetra's new and improved insulated outer bags on the standard size Insta-Hot and Insta-Colds utilize a special non-woven material that enhances the therapy time and greatly diminishes the extreme hot or cold spikes that you experience with other clear plastic outer bags.


Stock No. Size Case Qty.
1731-00 Insta-Cold Standard (6" x 9") 16/cs
1731-08 Insta-Cold Handy Pak (4 1/2" x 7") 24/cs
1731-04 Insta-Hot Standard (6" x 9") 16/cs
1731-07 Insta-Hot Handy Pak (4 1/2" x 7") 24/cs

Tetra Insta-Hot 1731-04 and 1731-07

Tetra hot packs utilize a special imported Magnesium Sulfate chemical that ensures a safe and effective temporary heat therapy. Tetra Insta-Hot packs offer instant heat for hot compress therapy in a form that is effective, safe and easy to use. Insta-Hot packs can be wrapped in a wet towel for instant moist heat eliminating special storage or pre-heating preparation. Non-toxic and non-caustic ingredients.



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