T-Stretch Gauze 2149

Light elasticity of stretch gauze provides patient comfort while distributing pressure evenly. Self adherent, 4.1 yard length.




STERILE Non-Sterile Non-Sterile Size Case Size Bag Size
Case Stock No. Case Stock No. Bag Stock No.
2149-S1 2149-01 2149-10 4 bg/cs 24/bg
2149-S2 2149-02 2149-20 8 bg/cs 12/bg
2149-S3 2149-03 2149-30 8 bg/cs 12/bg
2149-S4 2149-04 2149-40 8 bg/cs 12/bg
2149-S6 2149-06 2149-60 8 bg/cs 6/bg

Tetra Gauze Bandage Roll

Tetra’s gauze bandage rolls are 100% Cotton, 6 Ply, and 4.1Yd. The crimped and open weave makes this bandage highly absorbent. Lofty finish provides added cushioning. Light stretch allows the bandage roll to conform to the body for added comfort. Complies with USP quality guidelines. Available in STERILE and Non-Sterile. Comparable to brands such as: Kerlixฎ and Fluff Bandages.




Case Stock No. Size Size Unit
0545-00 Non-Sterile Bandage Roll, BULK Packed,  4.1 Yd., 6 Ply. 4 1/2" CS/100
0645-00 STERILE Bandage Roll, Individual blister pouch, 4.1 Yd., 6 Ply. 4 1/2" CS-100


2159 Rolled Gauze

Non-sterile, non-stretch rolled gauze is 2 ply and 5 yards in length. 100% woven cotton. Ideal for securing primary and secondary wound dressings and other bandaging applications.




Case Stock No. Size Case Size Bag Stock No. Bag Size
2159-02 8 bg/cs 2159-20 12/bg
2159-03 8 bg/cs 2159-30 12/bg
2159-04 8 bg/cs 2159-40 12/bg
2159-06 8 bg/cs 2159-60 8/bg

Gauze Pads and Sponges

The gauze pads and sponges are durable, absorbent, and excellent for wound care. They are available in sterile or non-sterile form and are made of 100% woven cotton. See chart below for stock numbers.

Sterile gauze sponges and sterile non-woven gauze sponges are packaged 2 per envelope in a dispenser box. Quantity per box varies and is listed below. Sterile gauze pads are packaged 1 per package in a closed top dispenser box. 100 pads per box. All non-sterile gauze sponges are packed 200 per bag with case quantity changes by size. See below.

Sterility is guaranteed unless package has been opened or damaged. Sold by case.

Sterile Stock No. Size Ply Sterile Qualtity/Case Type Non-Sterile Qty./Case Non-Sterile Stock No.
GP12-12 2 X 2 12 100 Pads/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs Gauze Pads    
GP13-12 3 X 3 12 100 Pads/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs Gauze Pads    
GP14-12 4 X 4 12 100 Pads/Bx, 12 Bx/Cs Gauze Pads    
GS62-08 2 X 2 8 100 Spngs/Bx, 30 Bx/Cs Gauze Sponges 5000/Case GS20-85
  2 X 2 12   Gauze Sponges 8000/Case GS21-28
  3 X 3 8   Gauze Sponges 4000/Case GS30-84
GS63-12 3 X 3 12 100 Spngs/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs Gauze Sponges 4000/Case GS31-24
GS64-08 4 X 4 8 100 Spngs/Bx, 12 Bx/Cs Gauze Sponges 4000/Case GS40-84
GS64-12 4 X 4 12 50 Spngs/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs Gauze Sponges 2000/Case GS41-22
  4 X 4 16   Gauze Sponges 2000/Case GS41-62
GS68-42 8 X 4 12 50 Spngs/Bx, 20 Bx/Cs Gauze Sponges 2000/Case GS84-12
Cotton Filled
GS52-28 2 X 2 8 100 Spngs/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs C.F. Gauze Sponges 5000/Case GS22-80
Non-Woven: Non-woven sponges are absorbent and soft for all applications. Made of 70% rayon and 30% polyester.
GS72-24 2 X 2 4 100 Spngs/Bx, 30 Bx/Cs N.W. Gauze Sponges 4000/Case GS21-02
  3 X 3 4   N.W. Gauze Sponges 4000/Case GS21-03
GS74-44 4 X 4 4 50 Spngs/Bx, 24 Bx/Cs N.W. Gauze Sponges 2000/Case GS21-04
0123-CS 2 x 3   100 Pads/Bx, 12 Bx/Cs Non-Adherent Pads    
0134-CS 3 x 4   100 Pads/Bx, 12 Bx/Cs Non-Adherent Pads    

Tetra-Grip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage 7021

A high quality tubular bandage for support and continuous, even compression. Manufactured of a special cotton and elastomer blend. Tetra-Grip is a natural color bandage that is washable and reusable. Sold in 11 yard rolls in the following widths: 1 1/2”, 2 1/2”, 2 3/4”, 3”, 3 1/2”, 4”, 5”, 6", 7”, 8” and 12”. Latex Free. Each roll is individually boxed. Available in black by special order.

Click here to view the Tetra-Grip Tubular Elastic Bandage Measurement Chart

Tube Gauze

A white, seamless, cotton tubular gauze product for use with or without an applicator. Each 50 yard roll is individually boxed. Cage applicators are available by special order.


Stock No. Size Measurement Description
0219-ET Size 1 5/8” Small fingers and toes
0220-ET Size 2 Large fingers and toes
0221-ET Size 3 1 1/2” Hands, wrists and feet
0222-ET Size 4 2 5/8” Arms and lower leg dressings
0223-ET Size 5 3 5/8” Adult legs, thighs, and head


This elastic net dressing retainer is manufactured from high quality nylon and is Latex-free. The elastic net stretches easily in all directions and is used to hold primary dressings in place. Can be cut to customize all areas of the body. It will not unravel and allows maximum air-flow. 25 yard rolls individually boxed and available in 11 sizes.


Stock No. Size Description
0701-00 Size 1 Fingers, toes, wrist
0702-00 Size 2 Small hand, arm, leg, foot
0703-00 Size 3 Medium hand, arm, leg, foot
0704-00 Size 4 Large hand, arm, leg, foot
0705-00 Size 5 Small head, shoulder, thigh
0707-00 Size 6 Large head, shoulder, thigh
0708-00 Size 7 Small chest, back, perineum, axilla
0709-00 Size 8 Medium chest, back, perineum, axilla
0710-00 Size 9 Large chest, back, perineum, axilla
0711-00 Size 10 X-Large chest, back, perineum, axilla
0712-00 Size 11 XX-Large chest, back, perineum, axilla


10 ounce, extra heavy moleskin with cotton backing and pressure-sensitive adhesive. Sold in shrink wrapped rolls.




Stock No. Size Length
0240-25 25 yard roll
0340-25 25 yard roll
0940-40 4 yard roll
1240-50 12” 5 yard roll

Unna Boot 0300 & 0400

Primer flexible Unna Boot Bandage consists of a cotton threadlocked gauze impregnated with a nonhardening zinc oxide based paste. Each bandage is 10 yards long. Order product number 0300-13 for the 3” width and 0400-14 for the 4”. Sold by the dozen. Product 0300-23 and 0400-24 contain calamine in addition to the zinc oxide based paste.



Non-Sterile & Sterile Cast Padding, Cotton
and Synthetic

Non-Sterile & Sterile Cast Padding is available in a 100% cotton or synthetic (polyester) material, pre-cut into 4 yard lengths in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” widths. Each sterile roll is individually pouched and gamma radiated.



Stock No. Stock No.   Stock No.  
Cotton Cotton   Cotton  
2702-SO 2702-BG 12/bg 2702-00 72/cs
2703-SO 2703-BG 12/bg 2703-00 72/cs
2704-SO 2704-BG 12/bg 2704-00 72/cs
2706-SO 2706-BG 6/bg 2706-00 36/cs
Synthetic Synthetic   Synthetic  
2802-SO 2802-BG 12/bg 2802-00 72/cs
2803-SO 2803-BG 12/bg 2803-00 72/cs
2804-SO 2804-BG 12/bg 2804-00 72/cs
2806-SO 2806-BG 6/bg 2806-00 36/cs

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