Tubular Stockinet 0171

Woven of soft-spun, long staple cotton yarn. Close knit rib stitch insures a fine gauge stockinet with maximum elasticity. Ideal for use under plaster casts, over regular dressings for added protection, during surgical procedures for skin protection or in the manufacture of orthopedic appliances. Also used in industrial settings for cuff covers or wristlets. Tubular stockinet is unbleached and sold in 25 yard long rolls in dispenser boxes. Available in popular widths from 2” to 12”.

Synthetic Tubular Stockinet 0178

New casting materials necessitate the addition of a synthetic stockinet product. We chose a pure white, 100% polyester fiber which stretches over two times its width yet stays snug without constricting. It wicks moisture away from skin and dries quickly. Packed in 25 yard rolls in dispenser box. Widths include 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” and the hard to find 10” and 12” rolls.

Sterile Tubular Stockinet 0181

TETRA sterile stockinet is woven of fine, long staple cotton yarn. Its close knit rib stitch insures a fine gauge stockinet with maximum elasticity. Each roll is sealed within a Tyvek and poly, peel apart pouch, ETO radiation sterilized and sold by case of 10 rolls.

Stock No. Single Ply Size Stock No. Double Ply
0181-02 3” x 36”           0181-22
0181-03 4” x 48”           0181-23
0181-04 4” x 60”           0181-24
0181-05 6” x 48”           0181-25
0181-06 6” x 60”           0181-26
0181-07 8” x 48”           0181-27
0181-08 6” x 72”           0181-28
  4” x 36”           0181-29

Pre-Cut, Pre-Rolled Stockinet 0191

Bulk rolls of fine, long staple cotton yarn in single or double ply, in various lengths and 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” widths. Sold by the roll in case quantities to your specifications. Call for pricing or special orders.

Sterile Impervious Stockinet

A stretchable, impervious, blue material is pre-rolled outside our pre-cut, pre-sewn, single ply, synthetic stockinet to help prevent lint transfer and to provide a moisture barrier. Each sterile roll is sealed in a Tyvek/poly pouch and radiation sterilized. Sold by roll.

Stock No.         Size
S198-38       8” x 38”
S198-54       8” x 54”
0195-S7       9” x 48”
0195-S9       12” x 48”
0195-58       12” x 60”

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