Deluxe Abdominal Binders 1231, 1241, 1251


Designed for support after surgery and in specific types of hernias. May also be used for treatment of back strain. Acts as secondary dressing. VELCRO® brand closure simplifies application for professional and patient. Double darts facilitate contour fit. Sized from small through xx-large. See size measurements below.



1231-0 9” Width Abdominal Binders
1241-0 10” Width Abdominal Binders
1251-0 12” Width Abdominal Binders

Abdominal Binder 1241-1

Manufactured of knitted elastic and closed with VELCRO® brand closure. This economical binder has double darts in the back. 10” wide elastic is sized by hip measurements from small through xx-large.




Stock No. Description
1241-1 10” Elastic Binder

Tetra Abdominal Binder 1242 & 1243

Deluxe plush elastic abdominal binder. There are four flexible stays in the back area and two flexible stays in the abdominal area. Plush elastic for maximum comfort and flexible stays provide additional support and help prevent rolling. Wide VELCRO® brand closure for adjustability. The abdominal binder is designed for compression on the upper and lower abdomen and to accommodate the use of surgical drainage tubes. Care must be exercised so as not to cause discomfort or irritation to a wound site. A hole can be cut into the binder by cutting an elliptical "X" cut into the material. When stretched, the cut will become a round hole to accommodate the drainage tube.

Stock No. Description
1242-0 8" Tetra Abdominal Binder w/post stays
1243-0 10" Tetra Abdominal Binder w/post stays

For all of the sized binders listed above, measure hip area and order as follows:

Small 24” - 30” - Medium 30” - 36” - Large 36” - 42”

Extra-Large 42” - 48” - Extra-Extra-Large 48” - 54”

Segmented Abdominal Binders 2600

The 3” wide, knitted elastic segmented sections provide form fitting comfort. VELCRO® brand closure.




Stock No. Description Hip Measurement
2600-00 9" Elastic Binder, 3 panel, Universal 30" - 45"
2600-04 9" Elastic Binder, 3 panel, X-Large Universal 46" - 62"
2600-05 9" Elastic Binder, 3 panel, XX-Large Universal 63" - 75"
2600-20 12" Elastic Binder, 4 panel, Universal 30" - 45"
2600-24 12" Elastic Binder, 4 panel, X-Large Universal 46" - 62"
2600-25 12" Elastic Binder, 4 panel, XX-Large Universal 63" - 75"
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