Gel Band Patella Strap 1410-00

U-Point gel insert exerts pressure on the tendon below the kneecap. Double loop lock closures for comfortable adjustment. Universal sizing fits 11” - 18” knees. Reversible to superior position.

Instructions included.


NEOPRENE Wrap Around Hinged Knee Support 1311

1/8”, Nylon 2 sides All black support with openings for patella and popliteal areas. Medial and lateral dual axis hinges with hyperextension stop. Hook and loop closure on wrap around as well as on loop-lock straps above and below patella. 2, 3, and 4 X-large sizes available.




NEOPRENE Wrap Around Knee Support 1335

1/8”, Plush, open patella, with Removable felt buttress pad. Two medial and two lateral stays. Two 14 1/2” straps with hook tabs. Regular universal is 13” long for minimum calf of 12” and maximum thigh of 20”. X-large universal is 14” long for minimum calf of 12” and maximum thigh of 25”.




NEOPRENE Wrap Around Knee with Donut 1316

1/8”, Plush outside, Nylon Inside, open patella and popliteal area with sewn-in donut. Universal sizing - regular 1316-02 and xlarge universal - 1316-04. 3 closure straps, top, bottom and knee. Hook tabs and plush support provide custom fit for most knees. 11” length.




NEOPRENE Patella Knee Support 1312

3/16”, Nylon 2 sides, Open patella, superior buttress pad Double medial and lateral stays. Opposing 2” loop-lock straps with hook and loop closures.





NEOPRENE Standard Knee Sleeve 1300-0
Open Patella, 1301-0 Closed Patella

1/8” thickness, Nylon on 1 side. 12 1/2” long. Tapered in the back for a comfortable fit.






NEOPRENE Deluxe Knee Sleeve

Neoprene oval added over knee joint for extra warmth and padding.




Stock No. Description
1302 Open Patella, 3/16”, Nylon 1 side 
1306 Open Patella, 3/16”, Nylon 2 sides 



The unique 4-way stretch provides uniform compression to maintain shape and efficiency, affording superior comfort without impeding circulation. These supports soothe pain, encourage circulation, help relieve edema and reduce evaporation. Make soft tissue pliable, less prone to injury. Easy to apply and remove, fits snugly and comfortably under garments.


12 - 13” 13 - 14” 14 - 15” 15 - 17” 17 - 19”

Deluxe Knee Compression Support 1272-0

An 11” slip-on with closed patella. Measure knee circumference and order small for 12” - 14”, medium 14 1/2” - 17”, large 17 1/2” - 20”, x-large 20 1/2” - 24”.





Standard Knee Compression Support 1272-A

A slip-on, closed patella support 11” in length with a relaxed knit pattern in back of the knee to prevent bunching. Measure circumference just above the knee. Small 12” - 15”, medium 15” - 18”, large 18” - 21” and x-large 21” - 24”.




Pro-Lite™ Compressive Knee Support 1238

Four-way stretch, knitted elastic compression support from FLA Orthopedics. Provides compression and stabilization while allowing flexibility. A viscoelastic insert surrounds the patella for added stability. Flexible, non-removable spiral stays provide medial and lateral support. The knit pattern in the popliteal area discourages bunching. Measure leg four inches above the center of the kneecap and order as follows: Small for 14” - 16”, medium 16” - 18”, large 18” - 20” and x-large 20” - 22”. Instruction booklet is enclosed with each support.


Pediatric Knee Immobilizer 1203-00

A 12” poly cotton bound foam lined with nylon tricot. One each medial and lateral stay and three contoured posterior stays are all removable. Hook/loop closure around metal loop-lock buckle to provide better adjustment. Measure 6” above and below knee. Universal style fits 10” - 14” above and 6 1/2” - 10” below. Poly bagged.



Knee Immobilizer 1213

Designed for immobilization of the knee following surgery, therapy or injury. Two posterior metal stays to resist torsion. Stays can be removed for laundering. Constructed of foam bonded to limited pile with Velcroฎ closures for more precise support and ease in fitting.




Stock No. Description
1213-0 20” length, Reg, X-L


Universal 1210

Brushed fabric bonded to a soft blue foam material. Maximum circumferences of 24” at the top and 18 1/2” on the bottom. All universal knee immobilizers may be trimmed for custom fit of each patient. 5 stays - 3 permanent contoured on posterior and 2 repositionable side stays. Alternating looplock straps vary with length. Closed patella. Available in 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”.


Three Panel 2812-2824

Side panels are moveable and can be placed in position for an accurate fit. Materials are tri-laminate and contain 3/8” breathable foam. Alternating looplock style straps with hook tabs on each end to accommodate bulky dressings. 3 contoured posterior stays combined with medial and lateral stays facilitate effective immobilization. 5 lengths as follows: 2812 - 12”, 2816 - 16”, 2820 - 20”, 2822 - 22” and 2824 - 24”.



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